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Visors and tourniquets of Polish production

Best Cover

DARMAR has launched a new line of BEST COVER products, which make a significant contribution to social welfare.

The Best Cover product line (visor, blood collection tourniquet) is the highest quality of products, which means reliability, premium quality “Made in POLAND”.

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Solid workmanship

Polish production

Modern Design

Excellent ergonomics

Many designs and colours

Safe for the skin

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Durable, Polish production


protective visor is a professional protective tool. It is fully adjustable to any head circumference. Soft felt inside the band increases the comfort of work, and a comfortable clasp significantly increases the comfort of use.

Polish production

Protective Face Masks

The Best Cover line has introduced protective disposable face masks.
The entire production is located in Zielona Góra in Poland. The masks have a certificate confirming filtration efficiency at the level of 99.5% issued by the Central Institute of Labour Protection in Łódź.

Blood collection tourniquets


The DarMar compression band is designed with patient comfort in mind. One-handed operation means there will be no pinching, gripping or jamming thanks to the quick release clamp for immediate removal. The system is completely latex free and safe.