Best Cover

Since its foundation, the history of DarMar has been a time of constant development, expansion of the machine park, construction of new company headquarters. It is the time of conquering the European market and strengthening the leading position in the industry as the largest Polish manufacturer of magnets and compression bands – the tourniquets.  We became familiar with the technology and the market with all its needs, whims, with everything the customers expect from us.

We have also become known as a reliable and proven partner, loyal and honest contractor. The driving force behind our activities lies in the need to create and search for new solutions, creative anxiety, which is the inspiration for all activities and – what is characteristic for our tourniquets – striving for perfection. The location of our company in the heart of Europe – 150 km from Berlin – creates excellent conditions for serving a large part of the European market.

DARMAR has launched a new line of BEST COVER products, which make an important contribution to social welfare.

The Best Cover product line (visor, blood pressure tourniquet) is of the highest quality, which means reliability, premium quality “Made in POLAND”.

Their availability, safety and suitability for use are key to the success of doctors, nurses, lecturers, officials, restaurant keepers… – and thus for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Efficient customer service and safety are essential, especially in emergencies.

You are safe and satisfied when you can rely on quality products, because we see this as our vocation to make your work easier.