Without latex and metal, Polish product


The tourniquet by DarMar is designed with patient comfort in mind. One-handed operation means there will be no pinching, gripping or jamming thanks to the quick release clamp for immediate removal. The system is completely latex free and safe.

Sizes: for adults and children.

Customised tourniquet

Our products are characterized by the option of personalization from the choice of color to your own logos and text markings.

You can design your own customised tourniquet to meet your personal requirements. For personalised prints or customised colour combinations, please contact our customer service department. We will make your tourniquet.

CBC tourniquet for painless application of bands around your child’s delicate shoulders.


  • Skin-friendly, elastic and soft 25 mm wide band.
  • Robust, secure snap-on closure.
  • One-handed operation.
  • Washable band.
  • No squeezing or pinching of skin.
  • Made in Poland /EU

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When ordering a product you can choose the print on the clasp and band and its colour. The band is 23 cm wide. Its length is 500 mm.