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Best Cover visors

Our visor is used as a supplementary element of protective clothing, reducing the risk of droplet-borne infections.  It protects the mucous membranes of the mouth, eyes and nose from contact with contaminated hands or objects and minor mechanical injuries.

Protective visor

The Darmar Best Cover is made of PET-A material, (not PET-G, not PVC, or other binder cover material, moulding material, etc.), which provides excellent visibility.

Recommended for people who wear the visor for many hours.  It is light and transparent and provides the greatest comfort during many hours of use.

Appropriately selected size 36×23 cm, provides protection for the whole face and at the same time does not hamper head movements and does not restrict visibility.

The mask is equipped with a frontal band covered with soft felt and a wide elastic band which allows to adjust the circumference and guarantees comfort of wearing.

The construction of the mask provides a distance from the face, so that the masks can be used by people wearing glasses.

The visor increases protection and is comfortable, even when worn for hours.

The visor can be lifted up by 90 degrees, it does not fall down by itself thanks to the smart design solutions.

Face protection does not have to be an ordinary technical element made in the simplest way. When designing our visor, not only did we pay attention to the utility values, but we also put a strong emphasis on the appearance of the visor to be as comfortable, useful as it looks.

It has already proven itself in many workplaces as well as in everyday use.

Laboratories, hospitals, industrial plants, offices, public administration units, shops, hairdressing and beauty salons and many others.

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About the product

  • 2mm thick polypropylene headband available in several colours (can be ordered in any Pantone colour).
  • the headband has rounded edges so that it does not sting when worn, unlike die-cut headbands which always have sharp edges.
  • flexible rubber as standard in red and black.
  • rubber allows for adjustment of the frontal band circumference.
  • the shape and size of the headband – it does not compress or trot in the ear.
  • the shield with the possibility of lifting to any position within 90 degrees. Thanks to its smart design, it never falls on your nose.
  • front strap with soft felt for improved comfort.
  • mask also suitable for people wearing glasses.
  • reusable product (after disinfection).
  • Universal size, adapted to the shape of the head with an elastic band.
  • The visor is made of plastic of very high transparency.
  • High scratch resistance and high resistance to bactericidal chemicals.
  • The shield does not fade as a result of disinfection with alcohol-based agents up to 90% concentration.
  • The band has a 2 mm thick soft felt padding, which ensures comfort of wearing.
  • The visor screen (shield) can be raised and lowered. It never falls on the nose and has a lock to prevent it from falling when lifted (you can drink or eat something without taking it off).
  • Flat shield size 36/23 cm, cut into shape for easy turning of the head.
  • It is possible to buy a spare protective shield. The material of the protective shield is PET-A, 0.6 mm thick. The height of the shield is 230 mm. Dimensions of the unfolded shield: 230mmx363mm.
Compliance with standards
  • According to the interpretation of the Ministry of Health, a visor is an approved health and safety protection measure in the context of mandatory face covering in public spaces.
  • The product meets the requirements of PN-EN 166:2005.
  • According to PN-EN 166:2005 (7.2.4) – it provides protection against liquid splashes.
  • According to EN 166:2005 ( – shows resistance to increased temperature.
  • According to EN 166:2005 ( – it shows resistance to ultraviolet radiation.
  • Optical class I – 93% transparency, very high-quality optical material.
The set includes
  • Face shield with protective film to be removed from both sides of the screen.
  • Felt-covered headband with screws.
  • Operating and maintenance manual.
  • The mask is sent flat for self-assembly. Instructions included in the set.

Manufacturer: Darmar, brand Best Cover (Poland)

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